Garmin Fenix 7 Review

Just when you thought the Fenix 6 couldn’t be topped... Along comes the Fenix 7 - Garmin’s most impressive and advanced multi-sports watch yet!  Garmin have clearly given careful consideration to making meaningful upgrades and adding genuinely useful features, making for a very big and very positive impact for the wearer.

Made with premium quality materials and available in a variety of colourways, this is a top quality, good-looking watch which is also super durable.  Not to mention lightweight and comfortable.  So, all boxes are ticked design-wise!

The new touchscreen is a great upgrade.   You still have all five of the physical buttons of previous Fenix models.  But the touchscreen is a welcome bonus addition which works fantastically well, allowing you to scroll across maps and the like and generally adding to the overall user-friendliness of the watch.

The screen remains memory-in-pixel, which doesn’t deliver quite the same level of contrast and brightness as some of its competitors.  However, for me, this minor grumble is fully alleviated by the fact that being economical with its power usage is what enables the Fenix 7 to power itself for such an impressively long time between charges.

When it comes to functionality, the Fenix 7 has a ridiculously long list of attributes!  You get all the advanced workout tracking and training tools which helped make the Fenix 6 so awesome.  But the big bonus is that it's absolutely jam-packed with all-new training tools and features, too numerous to mention in their entirety, which add to the awesomeness formula.  Making the Fenix 7 even more accessible and appealing to new users and a broader range of athletes.  All the new additions, without exception, serve to enhance the overall performance of the watch and the overall experience of the user. 

There’s a brand-new real-time stamina meter, which illustrates the decline of your energy levels during a workout, enabling you to adjust your output accordingly.  Being able to view fluctuations in stamina in a fuss-free chart that you can read at a glance simplifies the process, making improving your performance that bit easier.

There’s also a new on-screen race predictor which estimates the outcome your existing training schedule will have on your future race times, via a simple chart.  This allows you to easily see any changes and trends in your times as your training progresses.

The Fenix 7 features all the sensors required to deliver an optimum performance, including Garmin’s latest generation Elevate 4 optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, compass, SpO2 sensor, and temperature sensor.  The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

Big improvements have been made to the GPS and it shows.  The GPS navigation tools are exceptionally accurate, insightful and user-friendly, with high precision tracking and mapping.  It can even highlight points of interest for you along your route, which is a thoughtful and handy extra touch for when you’re on a stroll, rather than a run.

The sleep tracking is similarly impressive in both its accuracy and the levels of detail and insight it delivers, giving you a handy sleep score, plus tips for a good night’s sleep. Your sleep data is cleverly worked into your overall statistics too, on features such as Body Battery.

Added to the generous list of features are on-board music storage and Garmin Pay.  Meaning that the Fenix 7 is as convenient as it is functional.

Drastic improvements have been made when it comes to battery life.  In my experience, the battery lasted on average a jaw-dropping 3 weeks between charges!  Garmin have also simplified the process of reviewing the remaining charge level and adjusting your usage.  And the stroke of genius is that they have achieved all this without adding any unwanted bulkiness or weight to the design!

The tiniest of niggles is the absence of a microphone, which means that hands-free calls are out of the question.  However, for most of us, this is unlikely to be a deal breaker.  Especially when you consider all the other fantastic capabilities of this watch.

All in all, the Fenix 7 is a seriously premium watch, equipped with a seriously impressive set of tools and features, making it the perfect choice for the serious fitness fan.  For those with the drive and ambition to constantly set new targets, embrace training and achieve new goals, this is the watch for you! 

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