20mm Garmin Watch Strap | Canvas Adventurer® | 4 Colours Available

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Strap Colour:

Canvas Adventurer® 20mm Garmin Watch Strap 

This Canvas Adventurer® Strap is soft, breathable, and lightweight – an essential for outdoor activities.

Available in 4 colours, and featuring a robust 316L stainless steel clasp for easy adjustment, the strap is made from premium double-layer nylon weave and provides soft cushioning - whilst also allowing moisture to escape.  

It is incredibly easy to attach to your Garmin Watch and, thanks to its premium design, will keep your watch securely anchored to your wrist throughout the day - whatever mother nature throws at you!

Get yours today, at a discount, with FREE delivery (within 5 - 10 business days) and a our 'no questions asked' 14-day money back guarantee! 


Featuring an innovative 'quick release' mechanism, this strap can be easily attached to the following Garmin watch models:

  • Approach S12/S40/S42
  • D2 Air/S2 Air X10
  • Forerunner 165/165M/245/55/645 (inc Music)
  • Venu/Venu 2 Plus/Venu Sq (inc Music)
  • Venu Sq 2/Sq2 Music
  • Vivoactive 3 (inc Music)
  • Vivoactive 5
  • Vivomove 3/HR/Luxe/Sport/Style/Trend

Technical Details

Lug Width: 20mm
Clasp Type: 316L Stainless Steel
Material: Canvas (Nylon)
Condition: New
Connector Type: Quick Release

Buying a new strap for your Garmin watch can be incredibly confusing.

For example, there are multiple versions of the Fenix 5 and Fenix 6 - each with a different sized strap! 

If you're confused or in doubt, simply find your specific watch model in the table below and click the 'Shop Now' button.

This will take you to a webpage with the straps you require for your specific Garmin watch model.

Watch Model Lug Width Click to Shop
Approach S12 20mm Shop Now
Approach S40 20mm Shop Now
Approach S42 20mm Shop Now
Approach S60 22mm Shop Now
Approach S62 22mm Shop Now
D2 Air 20mm Shop Now
D2 Air X10 20mm Shop Now
D2 Bravo 26mm Shop Now
D2 Charlie 26mm Shop Now
D2 Delta 22mm Shop Now
D2 Delta PX 26mm Shop Now
D2 Delta S 20mm Shop Now
Descent Mk 1 26mm Shop Now
Descent Mk 2 26mm Shop Now
Descent Mk 2i 26mm Shop Now
Descent Mk 2s 20mm Shop Now
Enduro 26mm Shop Now
epix (Gen 2) 22mm Shop Now
Fenix 3 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 3 Sapphire 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 3 Sapphire HR 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 5 22mm Shop Now
Fenix 5 Plus 22mm Shop Now
Fenix 5S 20mm Shop Now
Fenix 5S Plus 20mm Shop Now
Fenix 5X 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 5X Plus 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 6 22mm Shop Now
Fenix 6 Pro 22mm Shop Now
Fenix 6S 20mm Shop Now
Fenix 6S Pro 20mm Shop Now
Fenix 6X 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 6X Pro 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 6X Pro Solar 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 6X Sapphire 26mm Shop Now
Fenix 7S 20mm Shop Now
Fenix 7 22mm Shop Now
Fenix 7X 26mm Shop Now
Forerunner 220 23mm Shop Now
Forerunner 235 23mm Shop Now
Forerunner 245 20mm Shop Now
Forerunner 245M 20mm Shop Now
Forerunner 30 22mm Shop Now
Forerunner 35 22mm Shop Now
Forerunner 55 20mm Shop Now
Forerunner 620 23mm Shop Now
Forerunner 630 23mm Shop Now
Forerunner 645 20mm Shop Now
Forerunner 735 23mm Shop Now
Forerunner 735XT 23mm Shop Now
Forerunner 745 22mm Shop Now
Forerunner 935 22mm Shop Now
Forerunner 945 22mm Shop Now
Foretrex 601 26mm Shop Now
Foretrex 701 Ballistic 26mm Shop Now
Instinct 22mm Shop Now
Instinct 2 22mm Shop Now
Instinct 2s (all) 20mm Shop Now
Lily 14mm Shop Now
MARQ (all models) 22mm Shop Now
Quatix 3 26mm Shop Now
Quatix 6X Solar 26mm Shop Now
Tactix Bravo 26mm Shop Now
Tactix Charlie 26mm Shop Now
Tactix Delta (all models) 26mm Shop Now
Venu 20mm Shop Now
Venu 2 22mm Shop Now
Venu 2 Plus 20mm Shop Now
Venu 2S 18mm Shop Now
Venu Sq 20mm Shop Now
Vivoactive 3/3M 20mm Shop Now
Vivoactive 4 22mm Shop Now
Vivoactive 4S 18mm Shop Now
Vivofit Jr (all) N/A Shop Now
Vivofit 2 N/A Shop Now
Vivofit 3 N/A Shop Now
Vivomove 3/3HR 20mm Shop Now
Vivomove Luxe/Sports/Style 20mm Shop Now
Vivomove 3S 18mm Shop Now

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